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i-Ready is the assessment being used for 6th grade students that are on a READ plan.  Some schools are using it for all of their 6th graders and select schools are using it for all grades.  There is a diagnostic, adaptive assessments to help guide instruction for students.  There is also a Standards Mastery option that serves as an Interim assessment to see how students are progressing on meeting the standards for their grade level.
Some general information on the Diagnostic and Standards Mastery assessments is below.

For more information about i-Ready, go to:

           Why Adaptive?
  • Pinpoints performance
  • Measures growth K−12
  • Differentiates instruction

    What is an adaptive diagnostic?
Adaptive assessments, like i-Ready® Diagnostic, leverage advanced technology to provide a deep, customized evaluation of every student and to track student growth and performance consistently and continuously over a student’s entire K–12 career.
By dynamically adapting based on student response patterns, adaptive assessments are able to derive large amounts of information from a limited number of test items. This allows the assessments to more accurately and more efficiently pinpoint students’ needs as compared to traditional fixed-form tests.
i‑Ready® Standards Mastery is the perfect complement to i‑Ready® Diagnostic
i‑Ready Standards Mastery is an extension of the i‑Ready Assessment System that enables regular, flexible monitoring of specific College and Career Readiness Standards.
i-Ready Standards Mastery makes it easy to:
Together, i‑Ready Diagnostic and i‑Ready Standards Mastery provide a complete view of each student’s growth and performance in a single assessment system:
  • i‑Ready Diagnostic provides a powerful adaptive diagnostic, growth measure, and predictive tool.
  • i‑Ready Standards Mastery provides user-controlled assessments that evaluate proficiency against specific standards.


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