The tool that we have selected to apply as our district-wide base interim assessment tool starting in the 2017-18 school year, for grades 3-8, is the i-Ready interim assessment.  The primary reasons for this selection are that the i-Ready tool:

  • serves as a standards-based assessment and  instructional tool
  • provides a platform that allows students to practice in a manner similar to our on-line accountability assessment
  • ensures standards-based outcomes and ongoing progress data is instantaneously available to the teacher and student
  • provides assessments that can be customizable in terms of standards being assessed
  • Includes instructional resources for instructional planning in response to student outcomes
  • Is approved by the Colorado Department of Education as a READ Act assessment

Along with serving as our base interim assessment, we will use i-Ready as our READ Act assessment tool for 1st-7th students in APS.(2017-18)  The PALS assessment tool will continue to be used for our Kindergarten students.  

Some general information on the Diagnostic and Standards Mastery assessments is below.

For more information about i-Ready, go to:

           Why Adaptive?
  • Pinpoints performance
  • Measures growth K−12
  • Differentiates instruction

    What is an adaptive diagnostic?
Adaptive assessments, like i-Ready® Diagnostic, leverage advanced technology to provide a deep, customized evaluation of every student and to track student growth and performance consistently and continuously over a student’s entire K–12 career.
By dynamically adapting based on student response patterns, adaptive assessments are able to derive large amounts of information from a limited number of test items. This allows the assessments to more accurately and more efficiently pinpoint students’ needs as compared to traditional fixed-form tests.
i‑Ready® Standards Mastery is the perfect complement to i‑Ready® Diagnostic
i‑Ready Standards Mastery is an extension of the i‑Ready Assessment System that enables regular, flexible monitoring of specific College and Career Readiness Standards.
i-Ready Standards Mastery makes it easy to:
Together, i‑Ready Diagnostic and i‑Ready Standards Mastery provide a complete view of each student’s growth and performance in a single assessment system:
  • i‑Ready Diagnostic provides a powerful adaptive diagnostic, growth measure, and predictive tool.
  • i‑Ready Standards Mastery provides user-controlled assessments that evaluate proficiency against specific standards.